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Dance the Game of Life

An Introduction

The aim of biodanza is expansion through pleasure in dance. These are the natural pleasures of moving one's body, of holding a hand, of looking into the eyes of another, of feeling connected to oneself and the world.

While biodanza is experienced as a practice of the body and soul, its theory and development are strongly grounded in rational thought. Its founder: Rolando Toro was a professor and clinical anthropologist who initially worked in mental health institutions in Chile during the Pinoche regime. He saw a society that was a long way from health. The conditions on the wards where he worked were tough and dehumanised. Yet one day there was a party. He saw to his surprise how something as simple as music and dancing utterly changed the conditions on the ward. Barriers between patients and staff were dissolved and the mood of the ward changed for days. This was enough to trigger an important line of thought:

Rolando asked himself why should it be that a simple party had a better effect than all of the therapeutic interventions that were, after all, supposed to make people feel better? Could there be a different way to change the conditions of life - not framed around patients and problems, failings and limitations, but rather around health and humanity, ease and naturalness? What happens if we nourish and grow all that is healthy in us? Does everything else follow? After much careful thought, observation, trial and development, the result was biodanza. It feels like a great party, but one leaves with the knowledge that something magical has gone on behind the scenes.

What is Biodanza?

Niraj, the director of the Dorset School of Biodanza made this video to explain

Feeling Good

The hallmark of health is feeling good. It is the source and the product, the signpost and the destination.

To feel good is nature's way of showing the right path collectively, uniquely and individually for us. To feel good is the sign that we have asked for. Biodanza recreates an environment, a garden of Eden if you like, where we re-practice and relearn simple pleasures. The pleasure of walking, the pleasure of holding a hand, the pleasure of seeing another and of being seen. We do this because it changes us: In a deep and cellular way we become more at ease in the world; more at ease with ourselves and others; more expecting of good feeling and of good things. The whiskers of simple pleasure come to guide us, yes to this, no to that.


Lines of Engagement

Rolando Torro asked a thousand people what they cared about. The answers fell into five themes or lines. It is living to our potential in these five lines that biodanza works towards.

1. Vitality

The joy of life and living

2. Affectivity

The joy of others

3. Sexuality

and the sensual pleasures

4. Creativity

The joy of offering

5. Transcendence

The wonder of beyond

The Sum

These intertwined and overlapping considerations are the gentle stuff of dance.

The Structure of a Class

What happens and why

Each session, known as a vivencia, is structured to create a journey through one or more of the lines of engagement. With each piece of music we take a step. Each step is simple, as simple as walking perhaps. But each step is part of an invitation to get closer to our nature, the way we have always known it. We dance alone, with others, with one other, with many others, with the group. Always your dance the way you do it, always an invitation, never an obligation, no expectations, no possibility of success or failure, just opportunity after opportunity to feel something good.

Each Exercise

Each exercise is introduced, the teacher demonstrates, the dance begins:


The Session

The session builds on our energy then drops into relaxation and tranquility before rising again in preparation for onward journeys. Each session is between one and two hours (shorter for open classes, longer for group classes).


from many voices


"This is what a class invites you into: to come, not say anything, just to feel your body, feel the music and dance and expand."

Director Dorset School of Biodanza


"Everyone has steps to take to expand to their potentials."

Director Dorset School of Biodanza


"It's just the best way to really get to the truth of what's going on for me."



"It feels natural to hold hands together and connect together and feel like we are all part of this."


Deepening Comfort

Biodanza is unashamedly transgressive. We create in the dance (the vivencia) a space that is uncontracted. In this way a fully lived and felt embrace or dance of sensuality does not obligate or bind us outside of the vivencia. This suspension is important for rediscovering our own space and place in the world. It allows us to find our own way back to self and self-actualisation.

Biodanza Cornwall runs two levels of class:

Open Classes

Open classes are always suitable for people new to Biodanza as well as dancers with more experience. They are vibrant, fun, and energising. Open classes differ from the group classes by having a lighter touch, more focus on individual dance and a gentle approach to contact.

Group Classes

If you are ready for more ask about the group classes. These classes offer a space for fuller expression. The content of the group classes is very much as you can see in the beautiful video made by my teacher Niraj featured above. Having done a little biodanza we become more comfortable and at ease with the process.

Entry to the group class is by invitation, usually via the open classes. The biodanza groups are not closed and can be joined at any time, including for one off sessions. It is simply that participation in the group classes requires a grounding in biodanza semantics gained through experience.




Always an invitation, opportunity, offering: to be taken now or next time, now or next time, now or next time.

Your own dance

Your steps, your pace, your energy level, makes biodanza work for you whatever age, fitness or flexibility.

Authentically you

A space to be with whatever moves in you.

Time without words

Opening to the deepest sense of connection.

Humanity first

Biodanza puts our humanity firmly before our social conventions. And it feels like coming home.

Classes and Workshops

Come and find out

Dates, Venues, Details


Biodanza at King Charles HallFalmouth

Biodanza Day: Saturday 2nd March

A full day of dance - 11am - 5pm.

Two sessions and a shared lunch - time to dance, connect, meet, share, and come home to yourselves.


Please pay for the day in advance using the button below. For those not using Paypal please contact Rupert for bank details for BACS transfer.


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Biodanza at Ponsanooth Hall Nr. Falmouth

Sessions closed. Please sign up to the newsletter for next available dates.

Sessions closed. Please sign up to the newsletter for next available dates.

Parking in front of the hall or on the street.

We dance in bare feet and comfortable clothes.

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Biodanza at The ZedShed, Penryn

No classes at the Zedshed

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No current classes.

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Rupert Meese

Biodanza Cornwall classes are mostly taught by Rupert with occasional guest teachers.

Rupert trained as a biodanza teacher for four years at the Dorset School of Biodanza. Prior to this Rupert trained and practiced as a metaphor therapist using a process called Symbolic Modelling or Clean Language to facilitate change for clients. He is also a master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and a certified hypnotherapist.

Rupert has made a prolonged study of the nature of the human condition and the structures underlying health as well as mental and physical ill-health. He runs therapeutic and developmental workshops informed by the wisdom of the client.

Rupert is also a poet and writer, he teaches improvised comedy and likes to invent small things.

He has lots of fun.

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