How did the class make you feel?

Dance, feel good, go home. Simple!


To prove it we asked participants how the last class they attended made them feel

Here is a selection of answers that speak for themselves:

Joyful, fun, nourishment for my soul. A release from the constraints of everyday life. Warmth and contentment with connection. Freedom to be me

I felt lightness and joy in a childlike way. It was amazing…! I really felt like I had connected with the people who were through our bodies, but also through our souls. It was a truly magical evening. I think dance is the best therapy for all physical and emotional aches and blockages and I thoroughly recommend to anyone.

I felt joy, happiness, gratitude, lightness, like I was walking on my tiptoes, and so playful, sparkling like a little child, free and full of energy to dance in celebration of life.

I've spent many 5 rhythms sessions longing to connect with other dancers, but feeling too scared to initiate connection. Your Biodanza session created a safe structure which made connection so easy, and my deep longings were met. I found community, support, as well as deep connection. I could feel such a release in my body as these needs were met, and felt such joy and contentedness. Thank you very much, I will be back! X

I felt a lightness in my body and a childlike sense of freedom and connection to myself and others in the group.

I felt infused with the loving energy of connection and a sense of freedom.

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How did Biodanza make you feel?

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