Biodanza Cornwall

with Rupert Meese

Why Biodanza?

Biodanza is all about expansion through pleasure in dance. This is the natural pleasure of moving one's body, perhaps of holding a hand, of play and feeling connected to the world.

Dance the Game of Life

Biodanza Cornwall will take you on a journey. While on the face of it biodanza is just a simple way of enjoying a few hours recreation, behind the scenes magic happens.

Biodanza is experienced as a practice of the body and soul, its theory and development are strongly grounded. Its founder: Rolando Toro was a professor and clinical anthropologist who initially worked in mental health institutions in Chile during the Pinochet regime. He saw a society that was a long way from health. The conditions on the wards where he worked were tough and dehumanised. Yet one day there was a party. He saw to his surprise how something as simple as music and dancing utterly changed the conditions on the ward. Barriers between patients and staff were dissolved and the mood of the ward changed for days. This was enough to trigger an important line of thought:

Rolando asked himself why should it be that a simple party had a better effect than all of the therapeutic interventions that were, after all, supposed to make people feel better? Could there be a different way to change the conditions of life - not framed around patients and problems, failings and limitations, but rather around health and humanity, ease and naturalness? What happens if we nourish and grow all that is healthy in us? Does everything else follow? After much careful thought, observation, trial and development the answer he developed was biodanza. It feels like a great party while subtly expanding and opening the possibilities of life.

The hallmark of health is feeling good. It is the source and the product, the signpost and the destination.

To feel good is nature's way of showing the right path collectively, uniquely and individually for us. To feel good is the sign that we have asked for. Biodanza recreates an environment, a garden of Eden if you like, where we re-practice and relearn simple pleasures. The pleasure of walking, the pleasure of holding a hand, the pleasure of seeing another and of being seen. We do this because it changes us: In a deep and cellular way we become more at ease in the world; more at ease with ourselves and others; more expecting of good feeling and of good things. The whiskers of simple pleasure come to guide us, yes to this, no to that.


In Biodanza we talk a lot about pleasure. But the word has an image problem that we need to address. The word, through no fault of it's own, has come to mean sex, or at least to evoke the idea. To talk about pleasure carries overtones of sexual pleasure, and that, in itself, can seem somewhat lewd - somewhat unnecessary. Even when we don't hear 'sexual' in the word we tend to hear the closely…

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For anyone interested in thinking more deeply I'd like to introduce another blog that I write called Super Rational. The posts explore an alternative paradigm which aims to rationally work with the kinds of knowing that we get from science, creativity and spirituality.

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There are many diverse opinions surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic and as Biodanza teachers we find it necessary to navigate these and come to some conclusion as we considering when and how to continue teaching.  Our training in Biodanza gives us what I consider to be a unique perspective and one worth exploring. Biodanza is founded on a principle of biocentricism - of putting life at the center of…

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