Open Classes at The Newquay Orchard

Thursday nights at The Newquay Orchard

Dance, feel good, go home. Simple!


Please check the Calendar for dates, times and prices.

Dance with an eclectic mix of world music in a facilitated held space.

  • Vibrant world music
  • No steps to learn
  • Designed for fun
  • Open to all
  • Go home smiling

Classes are suitable for all.

This dance practice is not possible without some naturally increased risk of covid transmission. Please do not come if you are unwell or are at high risk.

Please wear comfortable clothes that allow free movement. Bring water to drink. We dance in bare feet or socks.

We asked how the class made you feel

Your answers speak for themselves:

Joyful, fun, nourishment for my soul. A release from the constraints of everyday life. Warmth and contentment with connection. Freedom to be me

I felt lightness and joy in a childlike way. It was amazing…! I really felt like I had connected with the people who were through our bodies, but also through our souls. It was a truly magical evening. I think dance is the best therapy for all physical and emotional aches and blockages and I thoroughly recommend to anyone.


Newquay Orchard is a magical venue full of vibrancy and life. Built and run as a community space by volunteers, Biodanza feels right at home there.

You can check out their website here:

Newquay Orchard

Find the way here:

Follow the lighted path to find the Canteen

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